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Portlandia Stars Suggest Special Grammy For Attorneys That Sue Songwriters [VIDEO]

1The recent slew of over-the-top plagiarism lawsuits leveled against artists in recent years has left much of the music industry's creative personnel on edge. This recent "Grammy for Suing" clip from Portlandia serves to highlight the issue.


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0

There have been some pretty crazy plagiarism lawsuits brought against some of the biggest stars in the last few years. These have had a chilling effect on artists, songwriters, labels and publishers everywhere.

This funny video from the stars of Portlandia kind of says it all on the subject, at least from an artistic perspective. Do you have an attorney that’s so good he should “get a Grammy for suing”?

The part I like the best is the fact that the attorney in the video “owns the key of G.”

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