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Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Scalped Tickets, Releases Them Back To Public

eric churchStanding behind his vow to put face-value tickets in his fans’ hands, country star Eric Church has cancelled more than 25,000 secondary market ticket orders on his current tour and released them back to the public.


Ticket scalping

Country artist Eric Church has taken a fan-friendly stand against ticket speculators canceling more than 25,000 tickets for his spring tour.

Throughout the "Holdin’ My Own Tour", Eric and his team identified, cancelled and released tickets back to the public that were identified as scalper tickets. Already on the tour, Eric’s management team used a proprietary program to release thousands of tickets back to the public and fans in markets like Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver and Boston.

On Feb. 21 at noon local time, the team will release to the official ticketing website all tickets identified as scalper-purchased for the remaining markets back to the public. In addition, tickets for Canadian dates were released Thursday, Feb. 9, and tickets for the Tacoma, Portland and Cincinnati shows will release Monday, Feb. 27 at noon local time.

While Church has previously canceled tickets held by suspected scalpers in the past, this is by far, the largest swing he's taken at speculators. “You come at us, we’re going to go after you in return. You come after our fans? Well, let’s just say we see you, we know how you are, and we’re coming for you with 10x the vengeance,” Church said in a statement announcing the cancellations.

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  1. Kudos to Eric Church for doing this (along with Chance the Rapper in the past). It’d be very cool if Church’s management team guided their biggest artist to also doing this. At last check there was 10k secondary market tickets on sale for Metallica’s Chicago show at Soldier Field.
    But who knows how many of those were actually sold by LiveNation/QPrime…

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