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Grammy Sales Bump Varies Widely By Artist: Maren Morris vs. Adele and Beyonce

arrowsEarly digital sales numbers from Nielsen show the usual bump from Grammy performances. But increases varied.  A stellar performance almost always provides a boost, but does Adele's "Hello" and Beyonce's "Lemonade" rising 308% and 267% respectively vs. Maren Morris's 910% increase for "My Church" reflect a more resonate performance or just discovery by a wider audience?



Early Grammy Data From Nielsen 

  • The show opened with Adele singing "Hello", kicking off a night that would end with Adele winning in every category for which she was nominated.
    • "Hello" sales on Sunday were up 308% over prior Friday/Saturday average. Combined, all the songs from her 25 album were up 164% and Adele's song catalog as a whole was up 154%.
    • The album 25 had a 150% sales increase over the Friday/Saturday daily average, while her entire album catalog was up 112%.
  • Beyoncé had an epic performance and was nominated for nine Grammys. Despite not winning in the major categories, she got a huge nod of recognition from Adele and a flood of support on social media from her fans.
    • Lemonade sales on Sunday were up 267% over her Friday/Saturday average.  Combined, the songs on Lemonade grew 160% over the same period.
    • The song "Formation", nominated as both Song and Record of the year, grew by 105%.  She also performed the songs "Love Drought" (+1249%) and "Sandcastles" (+1000%).
  • Maren Morris performed, was nominated for four awards and won the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for her song "My Church".
    • The song "My Church" saw a 910% increase in sales on Sunday.  She performed the song "Once" with Alicia Keys, which also pushed the song’s sales up by over 6700%.
    • Sales of her album Hero jumped by 232% on Sunday
  • Bruno Mars and the Time combined to deliver a tribute to Prince.
    • Prince's total album sales grew by over 133% on Sunday and his song catalog grew by 243%, led by "Let's Go Crazy" up 627%
  • Despite the hiccup in her performance, Adele's heartfelt tribute to George Michael lifted his song "Fastlove" up nearly 6500% in sales on Sunday.
  • An all-star cast paid tribute to the Bee Gees, which gave a noticeable boost to their songs "Stayin' Alive" (+138%), "Tragedy" (+1816%), "How Deep is Your Love" (+1146%) and "Night Fever" (+686%).
  • Some other notable impacts from key performances:
    • Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood performed "The Fighter", which saw its sales increase by 978% on Sunday.
    • Lukas Graham and Kelsea Ballerini performed "7 Years", resulting in a lift of 869% for the hit song, as well as "Peter Pan", which rose by 335%
    • Bruno Mars performed "That's What I Like", resulting in an increase of 385%
    • Sturgill Simpson performed his song "All Around You", resulting in a 10,760% increase for the song.  He was also nominated in the coveted Album of the Year category, which raised his album Sailor's Guide to Earth up by 588%.
    • A Tribe Called Quest, along with Anderson .Paak, Busta Rhymes and Consequence performed the songs "Award Tour" (+1,110%), "Movin' Backwards" (+3,567%) and "We the People…" (+1,213%).
    • The Time kicked off the Prince tribute with their songs "Jungle Love" (+1,837%) and "The Bird" (+4,180%)
    • John Legend and Cynthia Erivo performed a touching version of the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" in tribute to all those that the music world has lost in the past year, resulting in a 1,581% increase for the original version of the song.

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