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Lady Gaga Made $0.00 For Playing Superbowl, But Rewards Are Enormous [Watch Full Performance]

photo[UPDATED] When Lady Gaga took the stage for Sunday's Superbowl Halftime, she'll did it for free.  That's right, her paycheck for the day is $0.00. In fact, several years ago the NFL was reportedly asking artists like Beyonce' if they or they labels would pay to play the halftime show.


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It's been reported that no one ever agreed to pay the NFL to perform. But pay or not, the payback for playing a Superbowl halftime show for free can be enormous.

According to Nielsen and Adweek, last year's Super Bowl 50 had 111.9 million viewers was the third most-watched U.S. television show in history. In 2015, 49.7 million viewers fell in the 18-49 demographic, an audience perfect for Lady Gaga’s music, according to Forbes.

According to Forbes,  the week after Bruno Mars played the Superbowl halftime show three years ago, his album Unorthodox Jukebox jumped from No. 7 to No. 3 on the Billboard 200; and sales were up 92% to 81,000. Four years ago Beyoncé’s latest album "4" jumped 59% after her halftime performance.

Watch Lady Gaga's Full Superbowl 2017 Full Halftime Performance


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  1. The old “you get paid by exposure” excuse is ridiculous. The SuperBowl also benefits from having music in its half-time show. All the players – football or music – deserve to get paid.

  2. What exactly entitles them to a paycheck? Maybe the hard work they put into their craft simply pays off with the opportunity? The NFL provides that opportunity…to perform in front of an audience of over 100 million. It’s a free exchange in a free market, and obviously both parties feel their “compensation” was equitable. No one “deserves” (or is entitled) to get paid for anything. They deserve to make up their own mind about whether the exchange is fair.

  3. It’s a choice! You take the show or not and that’s up to you. You have to calculate the value. Is the money or exposure or both worth your time and effort? Lady Gaga’s performance was a very successful commercial for her world tour which she announced after her performance, plus I heard she charted for most records sold in a single hour or something crazy like that. It may not have been in direct dollars, but she was compensated for her performance. Some venues require musicians pay a production fee for performing on their stage. Sometimes it’s a fair amount, but other times it’s ridiculous. You have to be smart enough to calculate what makes sense for you.

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