“YouTube Can Do Better” – Black Keys, Rush, Cee Lo, Others Call For DMCA Reform [WATCH]

Youtube_logoIn stark contrast the intellectual and economic arguments that made up most of the filings with U.S. Copyright Office over "safe harbors" and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a new one offers a simple, silent video message from top artists.

Over 60 seconds of silence, white letters on a black background spell out "Dear U.S. Copyright Office" followed by the names of dozens of musicians who endorsed the message "YouTube Can Do Better."

"The thought was, what can we do to stand out, to educate people on a grassroots level," Attorney Kendall Minter, who organized the video told Billboard. "The video isn't confrontational, so it won't alienate musicians who see the legal issues differently, or who have a good relationship with YouTube already. We're not trying to burn the house down. We have to co-exist with the tech giants."

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