Being On Official Spotify Playlists Has A Lasting Effect, Even For Unknown Artists

Spotify newPlaylists really are the new radio; and just like getting played on the radio, inclusion leads to discovery and sometimes new loyal fans.  But which playlists you are featured on matters.



With Kobalt's release of a streaming data app come fresh dates for some of its AWAL indie music services clients.  Collectively they show that, even for virtually unknown clients, inclusion in official Spotify playlists leads to both a spike in streams and a significant amount of lasting interest. 

Below is data for two artists, Guordan Banks and Michael Brun.  


Kobalt tell TechCrunch that they generally see a boost of 50-100% after artists are added to official Spotify playlists. Even after the spikes wear off, the artists usually see a 20% increase in streams.

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  1. Oh I see. So it’s former executives from the worst major labels break off and start kobalt, and they get you featured on the spotify playlist? But instead of outright recruiting they send out a press release that showcases their “technology insights” like its fucking rocket science.
    Of course being on an official Spotify playlist has a lasting effect, that fucking cluster fuck of a UI and non existent discovery algorithms means a playlist that is a click away is going to have a lasting effect. Doesn’t take internet metrics to figure that out. Spotify is a music clearing house, it’s an empty culture less shell that serves as a racket for the failing major label system. Same with Apple Music.
    The official Spotify playlist is the internet equivalent of a radio station, and kobalt (is the same executives from the major labels) suggests to the reader they can get you on the playlist, after all how would they be able to measure the data if they didn’t have a hand in getting you placed on an official playlist. Look it’s the same ole racket. The difference between the major labels and kobalt is kobalt uses lube and tells you they love you.
    What type of business is it when a company looses almost a billion dollars in 8 years and never makes a profit? A bad business.

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