DJs, Producers Can Now Join SoundCloud Premier And Get Paid

SoundCloud_logo (1)We've been skeptical of the speed at which SoundCloud has on-ramped artists to its Premier program that allows creators to share in revenue generated ON SoundCloud. Today, the financially challenged music service added DJs and Producers those who can join, though the criteria for acceptance still remains a mystery.


SoundCloud   Premier

Beginning today, SoundCloud is inviting DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works to join its Premier program to earn revenue for the tracks they share on SoundCloud.

Premier creators can monetize their content and earn a portion of the revenue generated by subscriptions and advertising on SoundCloud. Acceptance is still "invite only," but you can apply here.  

SoundCloud has not shared how many artists are Premier members, its criteria for acceptance, or how revenue is shared with creators.  

We've reached out to the company for clarification.

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