Google To Let Musicians, Others Post Messages Directly Into Their Search Results

google logoImagine searching Google for "Kanye West" and finding a message purposely posted there by the mercurial musician? Google has begun taking applications for a program it had tested during the U.S. elections that enables this kind of direct in-search posts.


image from posts.withgoogle.comGoogle is taking applications to verify museums, sports teams, sports leagues and movies in the US and Brazil, so that they can make announcements, post images, videos, animated GIFs, and inline links within Google search results.

In Brazil, Google is also on-ramping musicians. So expect expansion to the U.S. to follow.

"This enhanced format allows searchers to hear directly from the primary source — you — and complements existing results from across the web," said Google in the announcement. " We’re continuing to experiment with other categories and regions, so stay tuned."

image from posts.withgoogle.com

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  1. Bandtraq.com is another way for artists to keep fans in the loop. It aggregates everything a musician posts on social networks into a unified feed and notifies fans every time there’s a new album or video. It’s free to join and easy to use!

  2. Interesting. This kills off a lot of starts up trying to connect fans to musicians.

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