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image from www.celebrityaccess.comFollowing our coverage of the estates of Jimi and Al Hendrix filing a lawsuit against Andrew Pitsicalis, Leon Hendrix and other associated companies alleging copyright and trademark infringement, Thomas Osinski, a lawyer for the defendants, contacted us with a statement.

"Pitsicalis has been in Business with Leon Hendrix and his family, who is Jimi’s actual brother that grew up with him and Jimi’s nieces and nephews, for over ten years dealing in Jimi Hendrix-related merchandise and products. This was following a string of successful court cases with the estate and exclusive deals for rights to various Jimi Hendrix copyrighted images and original artistic creations. Experience Hendrix has long known of my clients’ legal and proper Jimi Hendrix products and brings this frivolous suit now only to further tarnish and interfere with Jimi’s Brother Leon’s lawful and proper business that rightfully respects Jimi Hendrix’s legacy," Osinski said.

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"As a result, my clients will be vigorously defending this latest onslaught and filing appropriate counter suits and/or counter claims to vindicate their rights and punish these slanderous and false attacks once and for all," he added.

According to Osinski, Hendrix Experience mischaracterized several previous legal rulings in the case and that previous efforts by Experience Hendrix to seek injunctions against the defendant's Hendrix-based products were denied. As well, Osinski contends that while previous rulings have excluded because Leon Hendrix and his family from Jimi Hendrix's music catalog and limited trademarks created by Experience Hendrix, they do not preclude Leon and his associates from selling Hendrix-related merchandise. 

- via CelebrityAccess