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New Spotify Web Player Gets Bad Reviews From Users

Spotify new[UPDATE] Spotify launched a new version of its web player on Tuesday. It's a major updates with changes to layout, artist pages, and search. So far, many of the comments from users have been negative. "Oh, cool, they've upgraded Spotify Web Player and made it worse in every single way!," wrote one user.

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  1. Worst update ever. Never used an Ad block for spotify. Usually get one ad every 5 to 6 songs. Now I get ads on overlay. 2 to 3 in between song Ads every 3 songs. This sucks. I guess I will have to find a better web player.

  2. I also like how they took things that didn’t need to be changed or fixed and changed/fixed them…meanwhile I STILL CAN’T pick my own album art cover for my play lists! Crap…crap……mega crap.

  3. TERRIBLE UPDATE. Commercials after 2 to 3 songs, can’t see how many followers I have on my playlist(s), awful layout….everything is just suckish now.

  4. The new Spotify is too much like Android which is great on an actual Android device as you use your fingers to swipe back and forth. On a PC or even a laptop it looks downright awful and busy with all the objects/items loading at once.
    On a phone all you see is a little bit at a time so it loads fast it’s called something sync but I’ve already forgotten as it’s crap but on a PC it appears too busy.
    Do they think that all it’s userbase is mobile or tablet? I guess there must be only 5 users on PC.
    Most people who use PC’s now actually do it for either business or the same things they do on a phone and it works better on a phone/tablet.

  5. Also today’s generation think that something awful must be good so bad means good and good means bad.
    Today’s young punks if you say something is awful they will smile and take that as a compliment. If you say something is good they will look at you like you just grew an extra head.
    A lot of end time prophecies without getting into weird conspiracy/religion crap predicted a lot of this and we would know it when the time comes.
    So far we are in those times and have a lot to go thru.

  6. What the F Spotify !!! Let’s dum it down for mind numbing thoughtlessness music streaming, bring back the old UI please

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