The Fame House Stack: Free White Paper Shares Marketing, E-commerce Strategies + A DJ Shadow Case Study

image from famehouse.netIn a new white paper, The Fame House Stack, music marketing and e-commerce specialists Fame House share some lesser known tools and strategies with an eye to opening a dialogue with other marketers and artists about the tools they are using to thrive in the new music business.


Fame House Stack   Fame House    R evolutionary Digital.pn

The newly released Fame House Stack details the company's go-to e-commerce, marketing and web development tools, alongside their methodology for finding unique solutions for each campaign.

They've also shared an in-depth case study on how they leveraged these tools to create a comprehensive marketing and e-commerce campaign in support of DJ Shadow’s recent album release, "The Mountain Will Fall."

Download the full report here free.

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  1. They are the problem. Famehouse is a middle man. Middle men are the problem. Make no mistake about it, passer by reader. Famehouse uses way too many services to accomplish a simple objective for artists, which is building listenership and creating revenue around it. This is a white paper ad to attract managers to put their roster on Famehouse so they can take a piece by doing something you can do yourself. Their strategy is to make use of free tools then tell you that this is extremely tedious, so you should hand them your work, disattach yourself from the process which include valuable lifelong lessons, and offload your work to them.

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