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The Red Paintings Send Clues To Supporters Using Disposable Cameras

1In a unique new funding strategy, the group The Red Paintings is sending clues to their fans via disposable cameras, sold through the band's PledgeMusic store, and each containing a clue to unlock special content for fans.


Guest post from PledgeMusic

In the early spring of 2016, Trash McSweeney – frontman for The Red Paintings – was captured by a secret organization called TIME. Forced to make music in captivity fans were urgently asked to Pledge for Trash’s freedom.

Now, nearly a year later, TIME is at it again.

13 Disposable Cameras were sold through The Red Paintings’ PledgeMusic store – each containing a clue that will unlock the password to this site where a very special 24-hour message will be live-streamed to fans.

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“This is perhaps THE MOST creative use of a PledgeMusic item that I’ve seen so far in the campaigns I’ve worked with” says Chloe, PledgeMusic campaign manager for The Red Paintings. “Disposable cameras are one of our most popular items on the site, but using them to unpack a secret message is inspired. I’ve had a lot of fun watching the fans work to piece the puzzle together.”

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As the band gears up for an extensive European Tour – there is new music on the horizon. What does the future hold for The Red Paintings? Pledge to find out.


The Red Paintings

The New Album

TRP have been released from captivity and are ready to record their new album with your help!
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