Top 7 Ways To Identify If Your Song Is Ready For Release

(1)Many wet-behind-the-ears indie musicians find themselves over-eager when it comes to the prospect of releasing their music for the first time, and will try to push it on the ears of potential listeners before its truly ready for public consumption. Here review seven things to check before a public release.

In this new post to MusicThinkTank, Ryan Donnelly reminds those planning to release new music of the seven things they should check before unleashing their recordings on the public.

"What you want from your immediate listeners is the direct feedback of their experience, because they are your audience, and they will help you create something that they will buy and share, and that is how you will avoid creating something that only impresses you. Be open-minded about the experience, show a varied group of people, with one similarity, they at the very least, like your genre of music."

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