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Unsigned Bands Should Stop Wasting Money On Radio Promotion And Use These Alternatives

1Although is has long been a practice in the music industry, this article explains why it is a poor investment of time and resources for independent artists to go after radio plugs, and instead offers several more effective solutions for promoting one's music.


In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Mark Knight explains why going after radio plugs is a waste of money for DIY artists, and offers alternatives for how they can better invest their time and funds.

"If you spend any time within media agencies you'll hear the terms 'Reach' & 'Frequency' these are two key tenets of any campaign. Reach refers to the % of your desired target audience that will be 'Reached' by the advertising campaign and 'Frequency' refers to how many times your target audience will be exposed. Logic and a ton of research suggest that the combination of these two factors is the key to success, having one without the other is unlikely to work." 

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