Best Gear For Indie Artists

1A band's gear can often be one of the tools which gives them an opportunity for self-expression and the ability to craft a wholly unique sound. This article looks at five different areas of sound-shaping tech.



In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Joe Pacheco breaks down a multitude of ways in which artists can utilize specific gear to shape their individual sound.

"For the Rock N Roll bands out there, this is a must have. Distortion and fuzz pedals are always found on guitarists pedal boards because it gives a boost to their sound when transitioning between verses to choruses or solos.  Distortion doesn’t stop with just guitarists, bassists are coming around to using distortion and fuzz effects to produce new sounds. For example, Jack Lawrence from The Dead Weather and Chris Wolstenholme of Muse use fuzz almost in every song."

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