LyricFind and Turning Your Lyrics Into A Revenue Stream [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]

Music biz weekly podcast photoThis week on Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly podcast, hosts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert are joined Darryl Ballantyne, the CEO of LyricFind. He shares how to make lyrics a revenue stream and that they are properly licensed.


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LyricFind created a new revenue stream for songwriters and rights holders by paying them royalties each time their lyrics are displayed. The company delivered 5 billion lyrics in 2016 alone via 100 platforms including Google Search, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Shazam and Deezer. 


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  1. This was brilliant. I not only listened to it twice and took notes but emailed content@lyricfind to ask if they would like one Word document of 34 songs or 34 Word documents (i have them typed up already and have them on my website because the words matter as much as the melody).
    It would be great if you guys ever did a show about ISRC codes and UPC codes. There are a lot of content and price discrepancies out there. As a Scot who’s with PRS in the UK and ASCAP in the USA, I am having to learn to be ambidextrous and discovering gaps. Happy to provide questions.
    Again, thanks for a really brilliant podcast re: Lyricfind. What a find! Found money indeed :).

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