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Pandora Is Asking Record Labels For Cash, Better Rates

Pandora-new-logo-image-001Battered by investors, Pandora has gone hat in hand to the major labels, asking for better rates and direct investment in the music streamer.  The problem for Pandora, is that it is coming from a very weak position.


Pandora_2016_logo widePandora executives have asked the major record labels for cash or better deal terms to stop ongoing losses and reduce pressure from impatient shareholders, sources tell Bloomberg

The labels seems unlikely to agree.

Its not that Pandora is short of cash.  But rather, activist shareholders led by Corvex and their lone potential buyer SiriusXM, are tired of slipping users stats, increased competition and royalty rates that make the music streamer deeply unprofitable.

The company lost $345 million last year, more than double its losses from the prior year.



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