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Spotify Has Launched A Facebook Messenger Bot For Music Discovery And Sharing

image from diymusician.cdbaby.comUPDATE 2: Spotify has launched a bot for Facebook Messenger that lets friends share music within chats. The bot includes search, recommendations, sharing a 30 second song clip within Messenger, or launching Spotify to hear the full song.

Spotify Facebook Messenger Bot

Spotify has created a bot for Facebook Messenger that lets friends discover and share music within chats. 

The bot, which was uncovered by TechCrunch, can make music recommendations based on mood, activity or genres Users can also search Spotify to share songs, albums and playlists within a Messenger chat. 

The new Chat Extensions feature can be activated by tapping on the blue “+” icon to the left of the text box while in conversation with friends to search and share music, and select the Spotify bot. Find the song and share.  Find more info here.

Apple Music integration will follow, says Facebook.


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