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Vanido: Can A Free App Help You Learn To Sing Better?

image from cdn.trendhunterstatic.comCan a free app learn to help you sing better?  That's the goal and promise of the Vanido app: "Learn to sing and improve your ear with Vanido. It’s engaging, fun and free!"



Here's the Vanido pitch:

  • Improve your voice and ear. Practice exercises to improve your breathing, pitch, ear, range and vocal consistency.
  • Real time pitch detection. Get feedback on your pitch as soon as you sing. Helps train your ear and know when you’re off pitch.

  • Personalised. Determine your vocal range so that each exercise is calibrated to a range that is comfortable to sing in.

  • Stay Disciplined. Track your progress, set challenging goals, get reminders and practice everyday.


Intriguing… if it works.  Learn more here, download it and tell us what you think.

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