You Don’t Need A Record Label To Be Successful

(1)Although artists now have the resources and technology to be successful without the help of a major label, or indeed a label of any kind, many are still confused as to why so many in the industry are eschewing traditional labels in favor of their own DIY efforts. Here we look at why.


In this fresh post to MusicThinkTank, Joe Pacheco breaks down why a conventional record label is no longer a necessity for an artist trying to make it in the music industry.

"Based on a 2016 Nielsen study, music streaming saw a “76% increase in on-demand audio streams” in 2016 and is expected to keep growing. Streaming services such as Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud and even DatPiff are only a few of the most well-known platforms that help artists get their music out to audiences all around the world."

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  1. Yep, but having a label might actually be a technical requirement for some distributors – it helps to know you can create one just as a holder to release your music.
    I cover everything you might want to know about self releasing over at http://howtoselfrelease.com

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