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Spotify To Launch In Vietnam, Thailand But Avoids Competitive Streaming Market In India

Spotify newSpotify is planning to launch in Thailand and Vietnam, according to multiple sources.  The move is part of Spotify's pre-stock offering expansion, but skips of a large and potentially lucrative market, India.


Spotify is plotting a launch in Thailand and Vietnam, multiple sources tell TechCrunch. While the music streamer did not comment on the report, they are advertising for "music editors" to serve both countries.


Why Not India?

While Spotify has launched in some 60 countries, it's missing India. Given its vast size, more than 20 languages and economic issues, Spotify may have decided that there are easier gains elsewhere

But India and and it's 1.3 billion people are on track to become a top 10 global music market, according to the IFPI. Several music streamers including  Gaana, Dhingana and  U.S. based Saavn have already gained traction in India; and Google Play Music launched there last month.



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