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Untitled-design27Having made a compelling video with potential is great first step to industry success, but getting that video in front of the eyes of potential fans is a separate challenge. In this article we look at the ins and outs of YouTube ads, and how artists can implement them in helping their videos get discovered.


Guest post by Joe Pacheco of Symphonic Blog

So you’ve created the video that has the potential to put you on the top of the scene but aren’t sure how to get it noticed? Well, you did one thing right and that’s creating a video in the first place. We live in a digital world that keeps moving more and more visual every day. Everyone loves videos.

These tips will show you the ins and outs of YouTube ads for musicians and how to use them to get your videos discovered!

In 2017, Google has made some updates to AdWords and now allows advertisers to reach more viewers on YouTube mobile. This is great for advertisers, aka you the musician, because nearly half of all videos watched is on mobile. Also, ads are now keyword sensitive. So videos are now going to have ads based on the content of that specific video rather than having music ads over random things like Taco Bell videos, though the two kind of go hand and hand…

There are two types of ads to be aware of when choosing how to promote your video:

Video Discovery Ads

 Video discovery ads are ads that show up in the search, YouTube homepage as well as the sidebar of current videos.

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These are subtle ads that keep you relevant and visible during searches.

In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are the ads that play right before the videos you watch. You either love or hate these on videos as a viewer, but for musicians, these are your best friend in getting you noticed and making money on your video streams.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.10.14 PM

Ads can be skipped if videos are under 10 minutes long but you still get the same exposure because instream ads are customizable because you can put texts and even links in them.

Now that you’re aware of the ad types, the next step is setting it up! Put the budget you want to have for your advertising in Google TrueView and explore the options that best suit you. A little goes a long way when it comes to YouTube ads and proves vital in getting musicians videos noticed!

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  1. This article feels like it abruptly ends. Any advice on best practices? What about placements and targetting – suggestions on that? Choosing the right CPV? I would love to walk away with something actionable as I feel this is a topic we should all be paying closer attention to.

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