4 Reasons To Focus On Small Music Blogs Instead Of Large

1While being featured on major, household name music news outlets is certainly something every musician is desirous of, independent artists are often better off pursuing smaller music blogs when it comes to seeking press, as they are more likely to give them the attention and energy the artist is looking for.


In this new post to MusicThinkTank, Shivani Patel outlines four major reasons whey independent artists are better of going after small music blogs than their larger counterparts.

"If you can’t get in touch with someone, that pretty much eliminates your chances at a feature. I want to be clear that unless you’re being very personal and specific in your pitch and have put some effort into building relationships, it doesn’t matter who you reach out to, you probably won’t get a response. But assuming you’ve done a bit of work, being able to actually get in touch with a blog is going to be your first leg up."

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