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Spotify Revenue Up 54% In 2016, As Yearly Losses Grow A Staggering 133% To $600 Million

Money on fireAlongside news that Spotify now has 140 million active users, comes new financial filings that show a company whose revenue grew 52% to $3.3 billion in 2016. But the music streamer's losses grew as well, to a staggering $600 million. 


Spotify New $

New filings show that in 2016,Spotify lost $601.4 million, up a troubling 133% from the $258 million that the music streamer lost in 2015. With losses like that, it's no wonder that Spotify went in search of cash last year and accepted difficult terms. 

In its 13th funding round, completed early last year, Spotify raised $1 billion, this time in debt funding from TPG,  Dragoneer and clients of Goldman Sachs. That put Spotify's pre-IPO total cash intake at $2.56 billion.

That last #1 billion came with some potentially onerous terms, however. For starters, Spotify must pay 5% annual interest on the debt, adding 1% more every six months for a total of up to 10%. Investors can convert their debt to equity at a 20% discount of Spotify's IPO share price, and if there is no IPO within a year, their discount increases 2.5% every extra six months.

Additionally, the new investors can sell their shares just 90 days after the IPO, well before the 180 day lockup for Spotify’s other investors and employees.

$2 Billion In Label Payments Due Soon

The filings released this morning also show that Spotify has agreed to more than $2 billion in minimum payments to record labels over the next two years. That's apparently just for the two deals it recently signed with Universal Music Group and indie licensor Merlin. Once Sony and Warner Music sign on, that number could double.

Full filing here.

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