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Jay-Z’s New Album “4.44” Still Not On Spotify [UPDATE]

Spotify No[UPDATE 3] More than a week ago, Jay-Z's new album "4.44" became available on Apple Music, Amazon and most other streaming platforms, after a week as a TIDAL and Sprint exclusive. As of Monday 7/17, q0 days later, there remains one notable exception, market leader Spotify.


Jay ZLOver a week ago, the TIDAL/Sprint exclusive of Jay-Z's "4.44" lifted and the entire album became available to stream on Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and other streaming services, with one glaring exception – Spotify.  

As of Monday morning 7/17, Spotify was still not streaming "4.44" and none of the related parties were offering an explanation. Industry sources suggest that its a continuation of an existing feud between Jay Z and the rival music streamer. 


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