Lyor Cohen Details YouTube’s Future Product Plans

image from upload.wikimedia.orgYouTube's Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen sat down with the board of directors of A2IM recently and detailed the video channel's priorities and product plans for 2017. Many are designed to help musicians market and monetize views on the online video behemoth. 


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Lyor Cohen, YouTube's Global Head of music shared some changes and additions coming to YouTube this year with the board of directors of the American Association of Independent Music.  

According to A2IM, they include:

  • Official artists channels to provide the foundation for an artist’s existence on YouTube
  • The expansion of YouTube music charts
  • Scaled promotions to help break artists
  • Increased marketing support through artist-centric campaigns and Social Media opportunities
  • Education on how to maximize YouTube to build a fanbase and earn revenue

Cohen's YouTube team also offered insights to the services’s analytics, as well as some stats and insights:

  • YouTube’s freemium/ad supported model is in 89 markets
  • Its subscription service, YouTube Red, is currently available in 5 markets: Australia, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States.
  • Only 20% of music accessed on YouTube is searched
  • YouTube’s Up Next recommendations drive 80% of views

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