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Making Connections: 6 LinkedIn Tips For Musicians

Images (1)For artists, networking can be a great way to grow a fanbase, as well a good way to gain the attention of potential fans. On such useful and often overlooked tool for this is LinkedIn. Here we cover some valuable tips for musicians new to  the social media platform.


Guest post by Shivani Patel of Symphonic Blog

As a musician, networking is a great opportunity to expand your fanbase and to also getting yourself noticed.

LinkedIn is necessary social media tool that can be used to build your relationships with others in the music business.

Here some LinkedIn tips for musicians:

  1. Fill up the page of your personal profile because its basically your resume. You are portraying what you’ve done with your time and effort and not just the awards or publications you’ve accomplished. Don’t be afraid to look back and think about things that you’ve done that are special to your music.
  2. Have an actual photo of yourself and not a logo because this will get you more views on your profile. Just make sure you look presentable and know how you want to look to other people.
  3. Images (1)You should have your contact information on the page and be accessible as possible, because you might end up speaking to someone who want to work with you.
  4. Make sure you reach out to everyone because it’s all about networking and not necessarily who you’re friends with. So it’s okay if your name shows up in some people’s inboxes who you don’t know.
  5. Message those that you are connected with because it never hurts to be nice. It’s always good acknowledge people who have looked over your profile.
  6. Join groups with other musicians and become a part of organizations dedicated to what you want. You should network with people who can actually hire you and look for groups such as supervisors or music bookers.

LinkedIn is great way to promote yourself and musicians should take advantage of this social media tool. You can help build your career with the start of this and its both free and easy to master. So go ahead and give it a shot!

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