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Spotify Updates US Terms And Conditions

Spotify newSpotify rolled out a few major changes to their US terms and conditions last week and to avoid confusion the music streamer offered a summary. The biggest changes came in ruled affecting third party subscriptions and arbitration. 


Spotify new

Spotify's summary of key updates to its US terms and conditions:

  • We’ve removed sections that don’t apply to U.S. users. In order to streamline the terms for U.S. users, we’ve taken out sections that do not apply.
  • Third party subscriptions – Sometimes users purchase Spotify Premium from a third party service like a telephone company. We have updated the language in our terms to make it clear that users who purchase Spotify through third parties are also subject to the terms of those companies. For example, if you bought your Spotify subscription through your mobile provider, then you are subject to their terms and conditions as well as Spotify’s.
  • Arbitration rules – We believe that arbitration is the most efficient and effective means to resolve disputes in a way that is fair to all parties. We are clarifying and simplifying this section of our terms. Among the changes, we are stating the location of any arbitration is now based on the user’s address, we clarify the rules around payment of arbitration filing fees, we confirm that the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association apply, and we remove the confidentially clause so that users can be public about their cases if they want.

Spotify's privacy rules have not changed.

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  1. I do not want my information to be shared with other parties! So I do not think I will be ordering. Terms and conditions are way too much to take in and it doesn’t “feel right” to me. Legal terminology often baffles me.

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