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10 Minute Silent Song Is A Hit On iTunes Because It Solves A Very Annoying Problem

shhhhA 10 minute silent song is in the Top 30 on iTunes. Not just a gimmick, the 99 cent track solves a very common annoyance that anyone that has ever used Apple's iTunes in their car has experienced every time they plug in to hear music.

Samir Mezrahi has released a 9 min 58 second long track of uninterrupted silence is quickly climbing iTunes’ charts.

Far from just a gimmick, the track has a purpose. 

“A a a a a Very Good Song” is designed to solve a problem experienced by anyone whose plugged their phone with into their car and fired up iTunes. Blaring from the speakers comes the first song alphabetically stored in the app. Purchase  “A a a a a Very Good Song” and the first song becomes silence, giving you time to pick what you want to hear.

Both the media and the general public love it.


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