$1.25 Million Lawsuit Accuses Universal Music Of Piracy

PiracyUniversal Music has always aggressively fought piracy, as have its major music group peers and their trade organization, the RIAA.  So forgive us if we see a big, steaming pile of irony in the news that UMG is being sued for $1.25 million worth of piracy.


image from ih0.redbubble.net

Universal Music is being sued for $1.25 million for a typeface allegedly used without permission by the UMG group, The Vamps. 

HypeFor Type is alleging that Universal used two fonts, Nanami Rounded and Ebisu Bold, for the logo of British band The Vamps without getting the proper licences for use as a logo.  In addition to its recorded music, The Vamps logo can be found on merchandise, tour posters and across the web.

In addition to damages, HypeForType is seeking a court injunction that would stop use of the logo immediately and require that all physical goods with the logo be destroyed. 

Read the full court filing here.  

This short video does a good job of explaining how to avoid legal problems when using fonts and typefaces in a logo.



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