7 Key Clauses In An Artist Management Agreement

BzBlog_7-clauses-management-deal_IMG01The relationship between an artist and their manager is one of the most important in the music business, and it's critical that both artist and manager are on the same page. In this article we look at seven key clauses every artist management deal ought to have.


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Byron Pascoe outlines seven essential clauses every artist management deal must contain.

"The amount of time that the agreement covers is referred to as the term. The term may be for a specific number of years. Also, it may have extensions which could happen automatically unless one of the parties informs the other by a certain time that the term shouldn’t extend, or perhaps based on certain thresholds. A threshold may be obtaining a certain level of income. For example, a term might be one year, and extend to a second year if the artist has obtained a certain level of income in the first year."

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