Getting Useful Feedback On Your Music

Download (8)While criticism is important to growing as a music producer and artist, some feedback is more helpful than other, but making sure your submission meets certain criteria can go a long way towards getting useful feedback and putting your ahead of the curve generally.


In this fresh post to MusicThinkTank, Alex Cowles outlines several important things artists should work to ensure their music tracks possess when submitting them for critique.

"I often find, the more time spent on a track, the more of this begins to present itself. Often producers will add lots of tiny elements, and the combination of all of these often merges into a “how did they do that” moment.

In a way, adding lots of elements and bringing plenty of things into the mix can be good, but also conversely, it can be simplicity that makes a track. Not simplicity in sounds used, but simplicity in the mix, in the structure and in the way the track sounds."

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