How To Get A Sync Placement

0001When it comes to negotiating a sync deal for your music, composing pitch emails requires massive effort and can often be frustratingly fruitless. Here we look at a few tips on how to set yourself up to receive a 'yes' from such negotiations.


Guest post by Shivani Patel of the Symphonic Blog

Writing pitch emails take a lot work and effort when trying to promote your music. Whether it be with different venues or between licensing agents, you would need to present yourself well in order to establish a good relationship. After that, there is better chance of you getting gigs or even having your music featured.

Here are some tips on getting yourself set up to a yes:

  • Do your research and be organized. Make sure you have proper contact information for each person and company and do some background studying about who they are and what they stand for.
  • You need to know what you want and be clear about it. The more straightforward you are, the better chance they will say yes!
  • 0001Be sincere and ask for feedback because you can’t just push your music onto someone and hope that they like itSwitch your mindset and focus on relationship building because this is a way to further your career.
  • For musicians, you want whoever you’re contacting to know how your music can potentially benefit them. It’s a golden opportunity if the relationship can help both parties.
  • Simply stating your music is amazing and that we should hear it is not enough. As mentioned before, know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for something. Companies and individuals will value your initiative.
  • Your email should not be bombarded with various links to your social media profiles and music. Give them what they really need and keep it simple
  • Even after your plan was executed successfully, always keep in touch with that contact because there will always be more opportunities.

With these tips, you will be able to get long lasting conversations and more positive responses. If done well, you will eventually be able to be confident in asking for what you want and be clear on how you would be a valuable asset.

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