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Mega-hit “Despacito” Was Not Submitted To MTV’s Video Music Awards In Apparent Protest

MTVThe #1 YouTube video of all time "Despacito" is not being considered for an MTV Video Music Award because it was never submitted. But do the artists even care ,given that MTV only plays the video on its secondary Latin channel, MTV Tres?


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An MTV spokesperson told the AP that "the 'Despacito' video was not submitted for consideration" for the VMAs and therefore is ineligible. The hit video has not aired on MTV or MTV2, but is played on MTV Tres, the company's Latin channel.

Universal Music, the label behind "Despacito," doesn't seem to care, and may have withheld the submission in protest. A spokesperson from the label said in a statement:

"Great songs transcend geography and language, and our artists produce music videos that reach a passionate global audience, highlighted by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee quickly breaking viewership and streaming records across audio and video platforms with 'Despacito.' We're proud to work with MTV to expose new audiences to our artists' music and we would welcome MTV's decision to recognize Spanish-language videos on its main channel and the Music Video Awards program,"

The hit song, which with 3 billion views on YouTube is that outlets most played video of all time, is also the most streamed track of all-time and notched 14 weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


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  1. Oh MTV, you did the exact same crap with R&B/Rap videos. You are the “racist” outlet that most of your snot eating viewers with no active brain cells watch. The snowflakes of the world that protest things they hardly understand or vote for people their professors tell them to. Aside for that, the ‘M’ in MTV should be changed to Mindless since that is all the programming to have to offer to the dummies to watch you. You hardly play music videos for over a decade now, so, what’s the point of a VMA show?

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