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Spinfire Brings Pay To Play To The DJ Booth

moneyPay to play – venues charging musicians for the "privilege" of performing live or radio stations charging for on air plays – has long been shunned by most in the new music industry.  But thanks to the new app Spinfire, pay to play has found its way into the DJ booth.


image from spinfireapp.comRecently launched app Spinfire offers DJs the opportunity to sell spins during their live club and concert sets. Artists pay $20 – $500 per play by specific DJs in clubs across the U.S. To get paid, the DJ must also provide a video proof of the spin which the artist can then use for further promotion. DJs can sell up to 10 spins every hour.

The pitch is simple: "The Spinfire mobile application gives artists the ability to market their music in clubs by connecting them with club DJs across the nation to purchase spins on demand."

"Our platform fills a major void in the music industry because we give the independent, aspiring artist a direct and proactive way to market music in clubs,” said Spinfire CEO, Chris Morgan. 

The app, which launched in June, is available for both iOS and Android devices.  While currently only U.S. DJ's can offer paid spins, Spinfire says it will go global on the Fall.

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