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THE PITCH – RecordGram: Discover Beats, Connect With Producers, Make Music!

The pitchToday, music creator app RecordGram makes THE PITCH. As with other startups in this ongoing series, we've given them 100 words to convince you of their worthiness. And while I don't always comment, RecordGram goes solidly on my "app to watch" list.

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RecordGram, the most recent winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup, is a mobile recording studio, producer marketplace and social network that allows our users to create original songs with award winning music producers for under $5 all from the palm of their hand. Our users can discover beats, write and record original songs to those beats, shoot a video and than share their creations across RecordGram’s social network and their other social networks instantly turning their friends into fans.  RecordGram breaks down economic and social barriers so that anyone, anywhere in the world can awaken their inner musician.
Please visit for a full app demonstration.

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