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4 Safest Concert Venues

Music+Maniac+The+4+Safest+concert+Venues+To+Add+To+Your+Bucket+ListIf you're involved in the music industry, chances are attending concerts is up there on your list of favorite activities, but doing so often carries an inherent risk. If you're looking for a more relaxing venue, or possibly a good spot to bring an apprehensive friend or acquaintance, the following represent a few good options.


In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Emma Sturgis looks at four of the safest venues to add to your bucket list.

"Starlight Theater: This is a smaller venue than some, but it makes up for the space with the beauty of the area. There are many Broadway productions held here as well as classical concertsbecause of the beautiful scenery and the acoustics. It’s also one of the safer venues across the country with security features in place and security officers patrolling the area. There is comfortable seating for about 8,000."

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