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All The Music Announcements From Tuesday’s #AppleEvent [UPDATED]

image from[UPDATED] There were no major Apple Music announcements or Beats hardware launches at today's Apple launch event.  But there were a number of important announcements about how music is consumed and shared across Apple devices.

Music And Other Related Announcements From Today's Apple Event 

  • Apple is renaming its retail stores “Apple Town Squares” with greater emphasis on classes, workshops
  • Apple Watch OS4 has "completely revamped music experience" via cellular built in to new watches.  Available  9/19. No details offered.

  • 40 millions songs available via Apple Music on new the new Apple Watch. (Won't this be as annoying as walking around playing an AM radio?)

  • Apple is bringing Augmented Reality to the iPhone8.  (Gaming is the first example, but so much is possible.)
  • After the announcement, Apple released and updated and streamlined iTunes 12.7 with new social features

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  1. (Won’t this be as annoying as walking around playing an AM radio?)
    No, it’ll be just like it is now with people walking around using wireless AirPods.

  2. Very annoying when people walk around with audible music, whether old-school boom boxes, the new wireless speakers, their phones, or an Apple Watch. Thanks for sharing…but…no thanks. Keep it to yourselves, please.

  3. If I am not mistaken the ARKit is available to all Apple phones after iPhone 6s although having anything above 7 helps.
    I was watching some new announcments about AR advertising, I think we are moving into a new age.

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