Blockchain And The Music Industry: RAC, Nest HQ and UJO Music Offer A Beginners Guide [VIDEO]

RACIs blockchain just a buzzword or could it radically change the music industry?  We think it's the later, but understanding what blockchain is and does is confusing. Grammy winner RAC recently released his latest album EGO using the Ethereum blockchain via UJO Music, and this 6 minute documentary looks inside the process.


This short documentary was designed to make the technical concepts of blockchain and music easy to understand and accessible for those just getting into the space without sacrificing the necessary technical terms and language.

Produced by Nest HQ, the filmmakers visit RAC in his studios in Portland, OR and travel to Brooklyn, NY to meet both Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin and Jesse Grushack of UJO Music, a blockchain music distribution start-up also know for their work with Imogen Heap. 


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  1. And this is different than selling an MP3 album on mp3.com or myspace.com how? If you have to go to a site hosted by company X to do a transaction via the service of company X, than I see no difference, all buzz aside.

  2. And this was a treasure in the video: “We don’t take this to the people… see the Developers behind me? They take it to the people…” The NPR-style soundtrack sells you on it tho, doesn’t it.

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head: it isn’t. Bandcamp is strictly superior in every regard as a record shop, and takes actual money instead of Internet pogs that require you to give a comprehensive identity theft kit to a cryptocurrency exchange. If you don’t like giving Bandcamp 15%, sell it off your web page via PayPal.

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