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10 Free Tools For Automating Your Social Media

2A lot of artists may not have the either the time or the patience to meticulously curate their social media presence across a multitude of different social media platforms. In such instances, these handy automation tools can help make the job that much easier.



Guest post by William Grigsby 

If you are tired of routine tasks and endless media marketing tips, you are in the right place. We are tired of them too. All we want is to teach people how to improve their ratings faster and easier, how to make efficient decisions, and how to improve work quality. Simple as that. No endless stories on how to be better at marketing, no tips on how to master the art of sending emails.

You probably have family and friends who are waiting for you to finish your work, and honestly, I do too. So let’s both finish our jobs – I will give you some insight advice on awesome media tricks, and you will apply them. Easy, right?

Free Tools That Make You More Efficient

Here you go. Some free tools to automate your social media. Tight, huh? OK, no more talking, let’s get to business. Time concerns over here.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

As the name highlights it, IFTTT is an online platform which allows you to generate a chain of ‘online events.’ Once you use it, your services will be completely dependent of each other. This is actually a great thing since once an action is taken, another will take place immediately. For instance, if “create specific hashtag on Instagram,” then “post automatically on Facebook.” Smart, right?


 2If your time is limited as mine is, you will want to use Mailchimp. It saves you a lot of painful work and, of course, time. You want to use Mailchimp for managing email lists essentially, but you can also use it for marketing campaigns. Anyhow, as the name proves it, Mailchimp is all about mails – unexpectedly, I know. So use it to save time, pal.


Specifically designed for Instagram freaks (uhm…me), Planoly will save you time as well. This smart app plans out your future Instagram posts. Instead of spending time on picking the right photo, plan it beforehand! Isn’t this more fun? Nope, not really. Yet it saves time, and time is money, my friend. Create new content, concentrate on other tasks, and let Planoly plan your media life in advance!


If you want to have good work flow, try Workflow. Duh, awful joke. Anyhow, Workflow is similar to IFTTT, but is preferred by Apple users usually. You can link it to your iOS applications, and save your photos to iCloud automatically. Same goes for Dropbox. I’m telling you, Workflow is the flow that you need. Ok, I’ll stop. Just ignore me. 


Now presenting the awesome….(drums playing) Crowdfire! Initially, this tool was supposed to keep track of how many new followers you gain each day. But is has developed into something better – now, Crowdfire links your social media accounts (like Facebook or Instagram) to other online accounts (such as Etsy for example), and teaches you what strategy to apply in order to gain new audience.


Twitter fans, watch out, Buffer is coming. And it brings amazing features with it. Users can share content on different topics throughout this app, and they can interact with each other easily. It is a great way to get an insight knowledge on specific subjects. Moreover, you just have to add Buffer as your Google Chrome extension, and it instantly saves any page you want as a tweet. Ain’t that cool?


Similar to Planoly, Later helps you organize future posts on your social media. This not only saves time, but expands your reach on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Perfect your content, and prepare it beforehand. When you are ready to post, press send. It is one click away! Imagine how efficient Later is if you are on a holiday. You just have to prepare your posts at home, and then press send while drinking your Mojitos. Muy facil, senior!


Designed for Pinterest fans, Boardbooster can schedule up to 100 pins to be posted online. You just have to specify the date and the hour and boom! Post sent! You might say it is similar to Later and Planoly, and you are not wrong – it’s just specifically made for Pinterest fans.


Aww…Eber! This amazing tool will make your life so much easier. It will send automatic emails to your contact list, so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. You just have to program it and Aweber’ll do it. Selling stuff is faster with Aweber.

Social Oomph

Bloggers, this one is for you. By the way, you are all doing a great job, our community is proud of you guys. You are amazing, and your content is really interesting all the time. Sometimes though, promoting can be a challenge. So let Social Oomph do it. Once you add your content to the queue, this amazing app will keep sharing it unstoppably (I mean until you stop it LOL). This saves time and shows your new followers everything you want them to know.

Wrap Up Time

I know you don’t want to let go, but I am afraid I have to leave you (but Jack…). Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed our little article presenting tricks on how to get more clients, ergo earn more money. Use it smartly my dude! Good luck!

William Grigsby is part of a writing circle that covers hundreds of different topics. William is best known for his academic essays, but he also writes about Social Media,SEO, and content marketing.