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image from www.hypebot.comOur article last week about the heirs of  Roy Orbison filing a lawsuit to block what they say is a shakedown by a hologram company owned by Alkiviades David has drawn a strong denial from the Greek billionaire.

New technologies often lead to legal battles, and with music related holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality all gaining traction, expect a plethora of lawsuits over who controls rights that barely existed a decade ago. 

 From Alkiviades David:

"I’m very concerned for the Orbison family, They are being misled by BASE’s Gary Shoefield who we fired for gross incompetence and for stealing proprietary information and IP. He and BASE CEO Brian Becker, are misleading the Orbisons and other estates by making promises they can’t keep: BASE has no legal way to present holograms without licensing our technology, as Fox, Sony, ABC/Disney, Universal and so many others have.  
I love Roy Orbison’s music and am determined to honor his legacy. Our production is well underway. I hope the family will see that Gary and Brian are taking advantage of both sides, and let us all get back to work. We’ve just opened Billie Holiday Alive! at the Hologram USA Theater on Hollywood Boulevard to terrific response - and our Jackie Wilson show will debut in February. An amazing Bernie Mac hologram is in full production as well. In all these cases, the estates are ecstatic with the results."