For $299 I’ll Sell You 100,000 Plays On Spotify Or For $97 You Can Buy A Bot To Do It Yourself

Buy Spotify PlaysIt's impossible to know just how widespread the practice of buying followers and plays on Spotify, Soundcloud, other music and social platforms is. But a Google search for "buy Spotify plays" yielded dozens of companies that promised to deliver. 


"We know how hard it’s for artists to build a fan base and maximize their exposure to their potential audience and major labels," begins the pitch. "That’s why we created Streampot, where you can do music promotion on the major music streaming platforms maximizing your online exposure. Buy Spotify plays and start your promotion today!"

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The average price to purchase plays and followers on Spotify, Soundcloud and other music and social platforms varies. One outfit calling itself Social Media Experts promises 100,000 plays for $299, where as Streamify says that they'll deliver them for just $200.  Spotify Promotion promises only 10,000 plays for $299, but throws in 3000 followers. More than one seller on Fiverr will do "viral Spotify promotion" for just $5 – $10.  

Buy Your Own Spotify Plays Bot

If paying money to a company that you've never heard of and whose methods almost certainly violate Spotify, Soundcloud and other terms of service, you can purchase a bought to generate your own dubious Spotify plays. 

The Spotify View bot "promises to generate thousands of plays." Working with both Spotify free and paid accounts and costing $97, this bot automatically clicks next song and will repeat playlists automatically. Their instruction video has been views more than 60,000 times and two similar Spotify bot how to's have garnered more than 27,000 and 40,000 respectively.


Like buying plays, these bots also likely violate Spotify's terms of service; and any of these schemes can mean getting kicked off the music streamer. 


How One Indie Band Got Kicked Off Spotify Forever 

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