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How After-School Music Programs Keep Children Out Of Trouble

1After-school programs (and those based on music in particular) appear to be on the rise, and in addition to the added social and educational benefits of teaching children music, these programs can go a long towards keeping children away from more unsavory activities.



In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, Rachelle Wilber explores how after-school programs work to keep kids out of trouble.

"In most cases, after-school music programs bring kids together and have them play music in groups. The exercise is fun, engaging, and most importantly, a confidence boost. Surveys show that kids who take part in after-school music sessions for at least a couple of hours in a day end up becoming good team players in their adult life. This means that the programs do not only help kids to stay out of trouble in their youthful days but also later in their lives."

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