Spotify For Artists Expands ‘Artist’s Pick’ Marketing Features: Custom Image, Messaging and Localized Tour Dates

image from spartists-1.global.ssl.fastly.netSpotify For Artists continues to expand its toolbox of free features designed to help all musicians build and benefit from their presence on the streaming service. New additions add a control of a custom image and geotargeted tour dates to the top of the Artist's Picks section on each Artist Profile page.


Spotify Artist's Pick

Spotify For Artists' Artist’s Pick gives artists control of the music at the top of their artist profile. They can any track, album, or playlist, and add a short message about why you love it. 

Now, the streamer has added two more ways for artists to control their Profile page.

  • Add a custom image:  Unlike the artists profiler image which may only change occasionally, this is thought of as being more ephemeral. When a tour is announced, for example, artists  could add a backstage photo from their last show or  when a record is released they can share the cover. Like all Artists Picks, they expire 14 days after they are posted.
  • Share automatically geotargeted tour dates as the Artist’s Pick: "Nothing sucks more than when your fans find out, after the fact, that you came through last week and they missed the show," writes Spotify's Lily Szajnberg about the new feature. "When you announce your tour, you can leave a comment and an image to capture your fans’ attention. We’ll automatically personalize the announcement to show specific performances happening near the listener’s location. And, even though other Artist’s Picks expire 14 days after they’re posted, tour announcements will stick around until your tour ends."

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