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When Will Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Be Available On Spotify, Apple Music? We've Got Details!

Taylor-Swift Reputation[UPDATE 2] When will Taylor Swift's new album "Reputation" be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streamers? It's was a big debut week for Taylor Swift's "Reputation." We finally have the answer: this Friday 12.1.17! 


Swift has long been a vocal critic of streaming services, particularly Spotify's free ad-supported tier. She is also making what is likely an ongoing calculation as to when sales have peaked.  She and her team are waiting for that moment when she can make more money from streaming royalties than she can from $15 CDs, $13.99 downloaded albums and $1.29 tracks. As we enter week three, sales show no signings of slowing down.

Educated Guesses

So the best insider guesses as to when Swift will release "Reputation" to the streamers range from Christmas, as a gift to her fans, to 6 months. Others see the album appearing on Spotify at the first of the year, after holiday and post-holiday shopping is over. Another "obvious" time would be just prior to the May launch of her summer stadium tour.


Some believe that the continued omission of the album from music streamers will encourage piracy. “A lot of it is going to be pirated,” Spotify's Troy Carter said earlier this week. “It kind of sets the industry back a little bit. (But) Taylor is super smart. We are not mad at her for the decision she made.” 

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According to multiple sources, Spotify and the other music streamers are still in ongoing talks with Swift and her team as to when "Reputation" will be available there.

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