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Bandcamp Shares Impressive and Strange 2017 Stats

BandcamplogoIn a year end post filled with the usual irreverence and a deep-in-its-DNA love of music, Bandcamp Engineer Ben Walker shared impressive and unusual 2017 stats for the popular indie platform.


image from bandcampblog.files.wordpress.com

2017 on Bandcamp

  • 500 bands set up a Bandcamp page every day
  • 36,000 bands and labels used their new app.
  • Their servers sent out about 42 billion images
  • 17,872 tapes were released on Bandcamp
  • Artists sold 22.6 years of cassette-based audio on the platform. 
    • "That’s 17,076km of beautiful, crunchy tape. You could wrap it around the moon and still have enough left over to spool gently off the back of a raft as you travel the entire length of the Amazon River. "

2017 Band Names

“Atlas” is the most popular band name on Bandcamp (still – 77 and counting!) I’ve been intrigued by common band names. They’re always words that are short and generic enough to be statistically probable names, but still somehow meaningful to the bands using them. Here are the top 10 names of bands who published their first release in 2017:

  1. Apollo (13)
  2. Grim (10)
  3. Bloom (9)
  4. Indigo (9)
  5. Nova (9)
  6. King (8)
  7. Void (8)
  8. Milk (7)
  9. David (6)
  10. Smith (5)

Apollo, Bloom, and King were in last year’s list and are still rising in popularity. 

2107 Album Titles

This list of popular album titles features almost exactly the same titles as last year, but we’ve lost Time and gained Bloom

  1. Home (130 albums released in 2017)
  2. Lost (71)
  3. Memories (71)
  4. Void (71)
  5. Waves (71)
  6. Reflections (70)
  7. Blue (64)
  8. Dreams (62)
  9. Bloom (58)
  10. Love (54)

Read the full post here.