Best Music Biz Weekly Podcasts Of 2017

Muisc Biz Weekly Podcast photosThe co-hosts of Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly Podcast, music marketing experts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert, each share their five favorite MBW podcasts of 2017.  From Seth Godin to PledgeMusic, these shows offer an essential look at the state of music marketing as 2017 winds down.  


Music biz weekly podcast photo

Michael Brandvold

Michael Brandvold's 2017 Favorite Podcasts

        •  Seth Godin Let These Six Words Guide You: People like us do things like this

        •  The Evolution of VIP Meet & Greet Programs

        •  Why You Should Be Using Bandsintown for Managing Your Dates and Promoting Your Shows

        •  Whose Job Is It To Promote a Concert? The Artist or The Promoter?

        • Contracts That Every Artist, Songwriter and Producer Should Know with Steve Gordon

Jay Gilbert's 2017 Favorite Podcasts

Jay Gilbert

Jay Gilbert

        •  How to Pitch to a Spotify Playlist with Ari Herstand


Bonus Podcast 

My favorite Music Biz Weekly podcast of 2017 was when I turned the tables and interviewed Michael Brandvold on his path to the music industry: How to Break Into the Music Business. Watch out Jay, your next! Bruce Houghton, Hypebot.com

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