How To Use Google AdWords To Advertise Music

2While many artists have likely used Facebook or Instagram as a means of promoting their music, but many musicians may not bother with Google AdWords and the its massive potential for reaching a wide swath of potential consumers.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, Lisa Occhino takes us through how to advertise your music using Google AdWords.

"The keywords you select play a crucial role in the success of your ads, so it’s important to set aside some time for research before you dive into creating a campaign.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential fans. What would you Google?

Google’s free Keyword Planner should be your first stop. You can use it to find out how often keywords are searched, how competitive they are, and even discover new keywords that could be effective for you. You can supplement your research with other free tools like Google Trends and Wordtracker."

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