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Combine 10 Social Media, Music and Web Site Links Into 1 Free With Linkkle

image from linkkle.comWe all have multiple social media user links, but most social profiles only allow and single link out.  Linkle solves the problem with a free utility that combines up to ten outgoing links. You'll never change that link again....

image from linkkle.comAfter you sign up for Linkkle and complete a profile, you can and add up to 10 links. You then share your Linkkle profile url in your social media, email signatures or wherever else you need people (aka fans) to see your links.

"I wasn't overly sure I needed a service like linkkle but signed up to see what it was about. Now it's used on all my profiles and I can quickly share my latest spotify playlists and bikemaps," wrote UK user John Hobson.

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