Help Build A Public Directory Of Spotify Playlists

image from pixabay.comWe are helping Michael Brandvold build a directory of Spotify playlist owners, so anyone releasing new music can reach out and present their new music. If  you have a playlist and are willing to get submissions for new music to add to your playlist, just fill out the form here and we will include you in a directory of playlist owners.


What will you get by signing up? – New music sent you to consider adding to your playlist.

Is there any cost to sign up? – Absolutely no cost to the playlist owner.

What will you do with the list of playlist owners? – We will make the list available to anyone releasing music.

Can I remove myself from the list in the future? – Of course, just contact us and we would be happy to remove you.

I have more than one playlist, can I add all of them? – Yes you can. Just submit each playlist separately.

Submit your Spotify playlist here.

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